Aeronautics and Maritime Safety Institute



All of us here at AMSI believe that any theoretical knowledge in the procedures of safety must coincide with the corresponding training in each equivalent field. Keeping safety in mind as a unified and compact meaning in the fields of transport, we have created a unique venue for practical training. The venue, which is called Safeland, unifies in a composite way, practical training from all fields of aeronautics, maritime, offshore and industry areas in a unified training venue.


Safeland’s water emergency practice pool provides high quality training, simulating all weather conditions one can face at sea and on land. (240 sqm pool area, heated, 20m x 12m, Depth 1.5 m to 2.2 m, artificial rain/ wind/ wave/ lighting installation).


Aircraft simulators include devices which are used in training for abandoning, fire extinguishing, escaping sinking bodies and they include as much flying simulating models from civil aviation and the armed forces.


Fire and Emergency Stations provide the most advanced and specialised situations in handling emergencies, either in the air or at sea. Apart from dealing with fire, or a leak in flammable chemicals, the emergency stations are used as places to support accident and incident investigation officers with the purpose of finding the reasons that led to a disastrous event.

Air Devices



  Aircraft cabin Simulator

  Water Emergency Practice Basin

  Aircraft Slide Tower

  Aircraft Slide/Rafts

  Aircraft Door Trainer

  Human Training Centrifuge Device

  Dilbert Dunker/ Helicopter Underwater Egress Training (Fixed Wing- Rotary Wing)

Sea Water Devices 



  Conventional Lifeboat Operation Devices
  Freefall Lifeboat Operation Devices
  Fast Rescue Boat Operation Devices
  Submarine Escape Training Station





Emergency Simulator Devices 



  Basic Firefighting Training Station
  Advanced Firefighting Training Simulator
  Fire and Drill Simulator
  Emergency Hands-on Room
  Debris Investigation Hangar
  Accident Investigation Crash Lab



Meet Our Team

Our trainers are professionals who come from the private and military sector. Abiding by the strictest criteria in choosing each trainer we are certain they, in turn, will prepare your staff and crews for all emergency situations. We ensure they will teach them how to behave in specific situations to maintain and restore safety on board.